Welcome to the Farm Fresh Atlas of Eastern Wisconsin

The Farm Fresh Atlas™ of Eastern Wisconsin publication and website is a project of EWSFN (Eastern Wisconsin Sustainable Farmers Network). EWSFN thanks all those who have supported this publication through the years. We couldn’t have done it without you! It shows your commitment to a safe food supply and protection of the environment.

The farms and businesses on this site sell their products direct to the customer. They have pledged their commitment to the following:

Farms pledge that their farm:

Businesses/Organizations pledge that they:

Other EWSFN projects are:

Farm Fresh Atlas™ is a trademark of REAP Food Group, Inc., used with permission by grassroots coalitions throughout Wisconsin to produce five independent atlases: Farm Fresh Atlas™ of Eastern Wisconsin, Western Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas™, Farm Fresh Atlas™ of Southeastern Wisconsin, Southern Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas™, Central Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas™, and Lake Superior Region Farm Fresh Atlas™. Learn more by visiting www.farmfreshatlas.org.